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Agricultural markets worldwide are facing turbulences due to increasing demand, food/non-food con icts or production risks due to climate change. For economic, political and humanitarian rationals, balanced food production, distribution and pricing gain further importance and impose global challenges to agricultural policies. In support to the implementation of agricultural policies, GAF assists administrations in the execution and monitoring of agricultural policies by providing services ranging from research and development to dedicated agricultural information systems.
This essential support is possible thanks to the extensive knowledge and long standing experience of GAF in agriculture and related technical  elds. The combination of detailed knowledge of the demands of the user community (European Commission, national authorities, agro-industry and farmers), and an in-depth understanding of all related disciplines (GIS, remote sensing, database management, software development and agriculture), has yielded the capability and sustainability to develop and maintain operational information systems for service providers, agricultural administrations and farmers. The established geoinformation solutions offer direct and ef cient access to a wealth of essential information, services and tools required by policy makers and practitioners in the agricultural sector.

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