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GeoInformation Services
Services for Administrations
• Institutional consultancy
• Integrated solutions
• IACS declaration control
• LPIS generation and update
Services for Farmers
• Precision farming support
• Subsidy declaration support
• Geodata analysis and integration
Services for Finance, Industry and Insurance
• Asset management
• Risk management
• Commodity volumes
GeoInformation Products LAFIS® – the IACS-GIS for Administrations
LaFIS®-Mobile: LaFIS®-AppServer:
LaFIS®-SSK: LaFIS®-WebClient:
Compilation and maintenance of reference systems (LPIS)
Quality assessment + EU reporting
EU compliant support for administrative controls
Assistance to administrative on-the-spot control
Server based processing and system integration
GIS based barn and farm register Web based framework for IACS-GIS
AgroView® – the Appliction for Farmers
AgroView® CD: Desktop application for agricultural subsidies
AgroView® Online: Web-based application for agricultural subsidies

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