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Environmental concerns accompany every signi cant change occurring on the Earth’s surface, whether associated with human intervention or not. As a result, spatial data, management information systems and monitoring procedures have become standard components in the planning and management of natural resources and the environment.
Thematic mapping of land cover and land use forms the basis of a number of GAF services dedicated to environmental monitoring and management. These services range from standard cartographic products, e.g. land use maps, and dedicated spatial analysis of speci c features, e.g. watersheds and slopes, to the creation of multi-thematic spatial databases and supporting applications e.g. for disaster management, including their integration within host institutions.
The environment can be considered to form a universal framework upon which many of the specialised products and services offered by GAF are created, whether in the agriculture, forestry, water resources, geology or land management sectors.
The multi-disciplinary nature of environmental management is mirrored by the comprehensive range of such specialised services offered by GAF. These are offered as part of a truly interdisciplinary approach, involving the integration of remote sensing data and geoinformation with in-situ  eld observations to create spatial information systems on the basis of GAF‘s dedicated expertise, with skills and technical capabilities having been developed in the company to meet environmental management requirements in a highly  exible manner.
GAF has extensive experience in applying state-of-the-art technologies to environmental analysis, monitoring, management and planning activities. GAF delivers optimum solutions, customised to speci c requirements and local conditions.

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