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Spatial reference system
Height reference system
Absolute vertical accuracy
Absolute horizontal accuracy
Relative vertical accuracy
File format
Scene-based DSM
Tile-based DSM
Base data
Ortho layer pixel size
DD, UTM or other projections on WGS84
LE90 5-10 m
CE90 5-10 m
LE90 2.5 m
GeoTIFF (16 bit)
27 km x 27 km
0.5 0 x 0.5 0 tiles
IRS-P5 Cartosat-1
2.5 m
Euro Maps
Digital Surface Model
Viewing in the dimension third
Euro-Maps 3D is a homogeneous digital surface model (DSM) dataset derived from IRS-P5 Cartosat-1 in- ight stereo data and generated with a highly automated processing chain, developed at the German
Aerospace Center (DLR).
Euro-Maps 3D is available as a high quality edited and tile-based DSM, which builds up a seamless and continuously growing elevation database for all of Europe and parts of northern Africa. For most areas, the DSM is derived from multiple overlapping stereopairs, which is an additional asset that further enhances product reliability. For worldwide areas outside Europe Euro-Maps 3D is
available on request as a scene-based or tile-based product.
Euro-Maps 3D is a highly accurate elevation database, that offers vertical (LE90) and horizontal accuracy (CE90) between 5 and 10 m. Accuracy tests carried out for selected test sites in Europe and North Africa with independent ground control (kinematic GPS tracks), show a mean horizontal accuracy (CE90) of 6.7 m and a mean vertical accuracy (LE90) of 5 m.
A very detailed representation of the surface is possible through the innovative combination of a semi-global-matching algorithm with a high- resolution grid posting of 5 m.
Product speci cations
Post spacing
Euro-Maps 3D offers an outstanding combination of DSM and ortho layer, processed from the same data source. The ortho layer is useful to verify height information and can also be used as an accurate geometric reference for other geo-data layers.
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