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Euro Maps
Euro-Maps 3D is accompanied by several quality and traceability layers in order to guarantee the transparency and to ensure the standard data quality.
Number Layer
Source Layer
Quality Layer
Quality Base Data
DSM Layer
The number layer contains the number of IRS-P5 stereo pairs used for the generation of the DSM for each height value/pixel.
Ortho Layer
The source layer contains the data source for each height value/pixel.
World-wide Coverage of IRS-P5 Cartosat-1 Stereo Data
Stereo Data Collection
(August 2013)
Euro-Maps Cone International Cone International Cones
Cloud cover ≤ 10% Cloud cover ≤ 10% Cloud cover ≤ 10%
The quality layer shows which value was derived from IRS-P5 data and rated by the quality control procedures to meet or exceed the product speci cations.
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