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Line-of-Sight Analysis
Euro Maps
3D Visualisation
• Derivation of Water Masks or Digital Terrain Models • Modelling for hydrological or geological demands
• 3D Visualisation for low-level  ight planning
• 3D Feature Extraction
• 3D Monitoring of infrastructure
• 2D Visualisation for hillshade or exposition views
• Line-of-Sight calculations
• Analysis of production sites
• Ortho Correction of
HR and VHR satellite images
three-dimensional metropolitan areas, structured according to selected characteristics
three-dimensional buildings and objects representation of the earth‘s surface viewing stereo data in 3D
• Urban Block Model:
• 3D Objects:
• Digital Terrain Model: • Stereo Bundle:
Euro-Maps 3D (5 m)
DTED2 (30 m)
Surface representation of
Euro-Maps 3D in comparison to other available elevation models e.g. DTED2 or SRTM Level1.
Buildings (red circle), roads (red arrow) or even slight differences in height (black arrow) are mapped very accurately.
an e-GEOS (ASI / Telespazio) Company
SRTM Level1 (90 m)
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Water Mask
Feature Extraction Height Analysis
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