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Geology as a basic  eld of science involves the understanding of the Earth‘s interior and surface, as well as its natural processes, primary resources and interaction with the environment.
In recent times, the sector has been experiencing strong growth - driven by the increased demand for raw materials and hydrocarbons, especially in the upcoming emerging markets, and the high price levels of such commodities.
GAF meets the resulting demand for thematic information and information management in the mineral and hydrocarbon sector by providing a number of highly competitive and operational services. GAF‘s multi-disciplinary professionals have broad geo-science backgrounds and extensive experience working on a diverse range of domestic and international projects; these address major issues, such as geologic hazards and disasters, energy and mineral resources, ecosystem and ground-water availability, and modern information systems.
In particular, our staff has a thorough understanding of the integral and underlying economical and institutional framework conditions relating to raw material demands and policies, such as mining sector reform programmes in developing nations. Our portfolio of activities in this domain includes (but is not limited to):

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