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The mining and hydrocarbon sector is technically complex and requires a range of focused skills and detailed applications to meet the diversity of client requirements. GAF can address these challenges with a unique combination of IT capacity, personnel skills and applied geo-expertise.
At numerous locations worldwide, GAF has proven its capacity to implement services and applications that make a tangible difference to the effectiveness of resource management activities.
Services offered by GAF
Geo-Data Store and Data Reception
• One-stop-shop for earth observation data • Land cover and land use data
• Digital elevation and surface models
• Bathymetry
Data Processing
• Digital image processing
• Mapping and monitoring
• Digital cartography and map production • Virtual reality 3D/4D
Spatial Information systems
• System analysis, integration and migration • GIS/DB-Design and implementation
• Application development
• Spatial data structure concepts
Integrated Satellite Services
• Combination of space
and non-space technologies
• Integration of satellite communication, navigation and earth observation
Geo - Software
• Development of customized spatial software • Standalone-, Internet- and Enterprise-GIS
• SDI-development
• Web-services and 3D applications, Apps
Management Consulting and Training
• Project requirements analysis, de nition, supervision and management
• Sector and process analysis
• Professional and institutional consulting
• Training and knowledge transfer
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