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Integrated approach - The whole is more than the sum of its parts
Building on its extensive expertise and experience in geo-information, remote sensing, GIS, and communication and information technologies, GAF applies a holistic approach in order to provide effective and ef cient services and solutions. The ability of GIS to seamlessly integrate data of varying structures and scales is a key factor for multi-criteria analysis as well as decision making and planning processes. This is particularly true for the
management of environmental risks and natural or man-made disasters.
From innovation to operational services - Bridging the gap between ideas and the market
In concept studies, new services based on synergies between space technologies and geo-information are identi ed, de ned and analysed. The aim of such studies is to initially demonstrate the feasibility and  nancial viability of the services and then to ascertain speci c requirements by interfacing directly with users and stakeholders. GAF constantly seeks to develop and implement new applications and services for its clients.
Satellite communication and satellite navigation
In locations where terrestrial communication infrastructure is not possible or available, GAF, together with its parent company, provides custom satellite connectivity solutions ranging from entry level to high performance. We implement closed corporate networks and secure private networks that interconnect a large number of peripheral stations or connect them to a central node.

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