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For economic reasons as well as for the wellbeing of local people, effective management and sound governance of land are essential in both rural and urban areas in order to provide the basis for prosperity and sustainable management of natural resources. Land management is a challenge that involves a multitude of disciplines and all aspects of life. Transparency, ownership certainty, regulated rights of use and effective land markets are all crucial for the development of sustainable land administration systems.
Land management systems featuring land administration components facilitate the implementation of land use policies. Such systems provide the basis for planning, management, development, reconstruction and reform. To enable good governance, the complex range of restrictions, rights and responsibilities vested in land must be properly identi ed, mapped and managed.
GAF has wide-ranging experience in the land management sector, including the design and implementation of land administration and cadastral systems. Successfully implemented projects range from real property and mineral title registration systems to comprehensive agricultural and forestry cadastres.
GAF has developed a ‘tool box’ approach to the reform of land management procedures and the implementation of systems, methodically considering the cultural, political, legal, administrative and logistical procedures required for effective land management in speci c locations. This approach is supported by a set of well-proven technologies ranging from GIS and earth observation based information systems to proprietary software.
Reform requires a strong shared vision amongst all stakeholders to create a land administration system re ecting the prevailing conditions and aspirations of the host country. Given that change in land management practice is a long term process, a clear road map and dedicated partnerships are required to ensure signi cant bene ts across sectors and throughout communities.

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