Page 3 - Land Management
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Consulting expertise
Land tenure and land administration
• Cadastral, registration and titling procedures
• Reform and modernisation
• Surveying, rapid mapping and registration
• Property valuation and taxation
• Traditional and customary systems
Land information systems
• System development, integration, deployment, training and maintenance
• LIS, land and property registration systems
• Mineral cadastre and titling
• Timber and forestry cadastre
• Parcel de nition and identi cation
• Legacy data and document management and migration
Land management support
• Land use planning and zoning
• Urban and rural development
• Integrated land management strategies
• Sector speci c legislation
• Socio-economy and livelihoods
Land use mapping
• Land cover / use, natural resources mapping and change detection
• GIS vector and raster data layer generation
• Data harmonisation and integration
• Land use plans, zoning maps
• Statistical analyses and index calculation

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