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Land management is multifaceted in nature encompassing technical, political, legal, social, economic, institutional and administrational aspects. GAF addresses such issues with its comprehensive portfolio of proven expertise, services and tools, which supports the sustainable use of natural resources, promotes rural and urban development and cost-effectively caters for the requirements of land management professionals, practitioners, and policy and decision makers in issues relating to ownership and tenure.
Services offered by GAF
Geo-Data Store and Data Reception
• One-stop-shop for earth observation data • Land cover and land use data
• Digital elevation and surface models
• Bathymetry
Data Processing
• Digital image processing
• Mapping and monitoring
• Digital cartography and map production • Virtual reality 3D/4D
Spatial Information systems
• System analysis, integration and migration • GIS/DB-Design and implementation
• Application development
• Spatial data structure concepts
Integrated Satellite Services
• Combination of space
and non-space technologies
• Integration of satellite communication, navigation and earth observation
Geo - Software
• Development of customized spatial software • Standalone-, Internet- and Enterprise-GIS
• SDI-development
• Web-services and 3D applications, Apps
Management Consulting and Training
• Project requirements analysis, de nition, supervision and management
• Sector and process analysis
• Professional and institutional consulting
• Training and knowledge transfer
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