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Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is central to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Tropical deforestation and degradation are esti- mated to contribute about 20% of the total greenhouse gas emissions.
The UNFCCC mechanism for reducing emissions from de- forestation and degradation (REDD) has gained momentum since its inception in 2005, and since this time, countries have been encouraged to develop National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) as part of the REDD+ process. In this context GAF AG has been actively supporting several African countries in developing operational REDD+ Monitoring, Reporting and Veri cation (MRV) projects in Africa based on scienti cally robust and IPCC compliant methodologies. The methods are applicable to both the humid and dry tropical forest regions in the world.
Our Services/Our Expertise
► Facilitate the national institutional arrangements and stakeholder awareness required to imple- ment NFMS and REDD+
► Design and implement national and regional IPCC compliant Monitoring, Reporting and Veri - cation (MRV) systems for REDD+
► Design and implement biomass inventories for carbon accounting
► Earth Observation based operational monitoring of deforestation/degradation and biomass
► Assessment of CO2 Emission Factors
► Capacity building and technology transfer on
► Project Management and implementation of REDD+ Pilot initiatives and projects

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