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Satellite-based mapping of forest land and land cover change within the years 1990, 2000 and 2010 in the Republic of the Congo. Right image: national coverage; Left image: subset of the area of Point Noire showing the increase of deforestation (orange and red).
Project Achievements:
Support for NFMS:
► TechnicalSupporttothenationalinstitutionsresponsibleforMRVREDD+ ► Provision of REDD Awareness Workshops to various stakeholders
► Supporting the countries in the negotiation process at COPs
Technical Results:
► Wall-to-wall mapping of forest area and forest area change for 1990- 2000-2010 using IPCC compliant land cover classes for changed areas: agriculture land, grassland, settlement, wetland and other land
► Methodological steps and outputs provided feasible components for the Activity Data assessment for the REDD+ process and the NFMS.
► The results of the GSE FM REDD services provided the countries with both the technical steps and empirical information to support their ne- gotiations during the COP meetings of the UNFCCC
Capacity Building:
► Local counterparts received training on the technical/methodological steps employed in production of the REDD services
GAF AG would like to acknowledge its technical partners: SIRS (France), TÜV SÜD (Germany), MesaConsult (Germany), Joanneum Research (Austria) as well as the National REDD+ Coordination of the Republic of Congo and the Director of AGEOS in the Gabonese Republic. This project is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

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