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REDDAF [2011-2013]
Methodological Developments for Forest Cover Change Mapping of Tropical Humid Forests
In the European Union Framework Programme 7 research project entitled “REDD for Africa” REDDAF, GAF AG and its consortium of partners addressed technical challenges related to Earth Obser- vation (EO)-based activity data assessment in Cameroon and the Central African Republic (CAR). Methodological issues such as persistent cloud cover in tropical countries, as well as the com- plex phenomenon of degradation mapping were dealt with using improved processes based on multi-temporal and multi-sensor sensor satellite data.
The main objective of the REDDAF project was to test and pro- vide improved methodologies using both optical and radar EO data for deforestation/degradation assessment in both Camero- on and CAR; additionally methods for assessing above ground biomass for monitoring carbon stock changes in these countries was undertaken.

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