Page 9 - REDD+ National Forest Monitoring Systems
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IPCC compliant land cover maps (2010) for demonstration areas in Central African Republic (right) and Cameroon (left) based on optical satellite data (Landsat TM4/ TM5/ ETM, RapidEye, Deimos).
Project Achievements:
► Processing chains for deforestation and degradation assess- ment as well as direct EO-based biomass mapping were impro- ved in different test conditions; methods can be used for large area mapping
► The improved methodologies contributed to the overall efforts for developing National Forest Monitoring Systems (NFMS) in both Cameroon/CAR
► Historic analysis of deforestation provided a basis for an ana- lysis of drivers of deforestation and spatial modelling of future trends in deforestation
► Counterparts received training on the technical/methodologi- cal steps employed for developing a NFMS using remote sen- sing.
GAF AG would like to thank its partners SIRS (France), Joanneum Research (Austria), Paul Sabatier University Toulouse (France), Université de Bangui - Laboratory of Climatology, Cartography and Geography Studies - LaCCEG (Central African Republic), Geo- spatial Technical Group SARL GTG (Cameroon) and mesaConsult (Germany) for technical support in project implementation. The research undertaken in this project has received funding from the European Union‘s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under the grant agreement n° 262775.

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