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GAF software development involves a variety of activities, technologies and processes that focus on GIS and image processing tools, customised applications, enterprise-wide GIS solutions and the development of spatial data infrastructures (SDI). To meet customer requirements, we apply a wide range of geospatial technologies, programming languages, frameworks and DBMS that re ect various IT environments; this allows an implementation of solutions.
GAF knows that a close cooperation with the customer in the application design phase is crucial when developing GIS and database applications. Applications vary from generic solutions to very speci c customisations, which are developed either on the basis of GIS/DBMS custom-off-the-shelf software (customisation of COTS), free and open source software (FOSS) or on the basis of GAF proprietary software. The creation of customised solutions often includes the integration of existing databases and programs/models.
Spatial Data Infrastructure Development
Consistent means of sharing geographic data among users gains signi cant savings and considerably greater ef ciency with regard to data collection and use, as well as streamlining and facilitating decision making. Such effective sharing is achieved by establishing a (National) Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI). GAF develops concepts within a range of environments focusing on the establishment of such infrastructures. In Europe these activities are strongly in uenced and boosted by the Copernicus and INSPIRE initiatives.
GAF allocates substantial resources to the design and development of cutting edge software for the processing of geo-information. As a result of our specialised thematic application expertise and many years of project experience, GAF has developed highly ef cient software solutions that facilitate operational procedures and work ows.
• Imageprocessingsoftware
• GISforpublicadministrations
• Digitalelevationmodelsmanagementandprocessingsoftware
• High-performancerenderingofexplorationdata
and 3D feature digitising
• GISfor eldworkandmapping
• Web-basedenvironmentalinformationmanagementsystem

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