Crucial Milestone reached for the establishment of a Mineral Cadastre System in Tadjikistan

Based on its 20 year experience in designing and implementing mineral cadastre systems for jurisdictions across the globe, GAF has been tasked to take care of the implementation of a modern mining cadastre in the Republic of Tadjikistan. Following a thorough analysis of the administrative preconditions, the mineral law and the regulatory framework, the GAF team has established cadastral procedures following international best practice. Based on this achievement, a suitable open source computerized platform has been designed, developed and now implemented enabling the transparent management of licenses and tender processes. The solution implemented is based on the proven eMC+ environment.

GAF is present at the 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23)

GAF AG will attend the UN Climate Change Conference 2017 in Bonn, Germany from 7-17 November 2017.

The progress of GAF’s developments for satellite based monitoring of tropical humid and dry forest ecosystems is presented by counterparts from Malawi and Cameroon during an EU/ESA Side Event in the EU Pavilion on 9 November 2017 at 18hrs


Side Event title: Progress in monitoring forest degradation and independent observations from the Sentinels for REDD+ activities.

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GAF AG supports first response mapping following Hurricane Irma

The European Copernicus Emergency Management Service Rapid Mapping has been triggered by several national civil protection agencies in order to provide pre- and post-disaster geoinformation for supporting first response actions.

Due to the heavy impact and destructive forces of Hurricane Irma in the West Indies, the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) Rapid Mapping was activated by the French Direction Générale de la Sécurité Civile de la Gestion des Crises on 5 September and by the Director General ECHO of the European Commission on 6 September, in order to provide rapid response and support for the disaster management activities being provided in the affected regions.

GAF AG Signs Distribution Partnership with Planet

GAF’s GEO-Information experts have now signed up Planet, one of the global leading providers of high frequent Earth Observation data to extend GAF’s multisource satellite data and service portfolio for a new quality of timely observations.

GAF customers in Germany, Europe and worldwide can now access Planet’s substantial portfolio of optical satellite data, as well as derived value-added products, through a new partnership. According to GAF’s CEO, Dr. Peter Volk, the generation of data and monitoring services offered by Planet perfectly complements the available sources and enables new services. Specifically, important domains like Defence, Security, Insurance and Agriculture will benefit from this unmatched imaging and data capacity made available by an experienced service provider like GAF.

Space technologies enable emission reduction and cost savings

„European-wide Mobility, Safety and Efficiency Management for Logistics Enterprises” aims at increasing the energy efficiency of logistics and transport service providers. The project has been successfully completed by GAF AG together with the partners T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom AG and DB Schenker. It is co-funded by ESA as a demonstration project in the frame of the ARTES IAP programme.

IRS data now available free of charge to scientific users

ESA LogoGAF AG provides worldwide high and medium resolution archive and fresh data through ESA’s Third Party Mission scheme.

ESA and GAF AG, the exclusive supplier in Europe of optical Indian remote sensing satellite (IRS) data from several missions, have entered into an agreement that makes the data from several Indian missions available to scientific users via ESA’s Third Party Mission (TPM) scheme.

The agreement encompasses European as well as worldwide archive data from the IRS-1C, IRS-1D and Resourcesat-1 missions, as well as archive and fresh data from Resourcesat-2 and Cartosat-1.

GAF AG presents IAP Efficiency Management Project at ESA Council

GAF has presented the results of the project „European-wide Mobility, Safety and Efficiency Management for Logistics Enterprises” at the ESA Council in Paris. The solution aims at increasing the energy efficiency of logistics and transport service providers. The project has been conducted by GAF together with the partners T-Systems and DB Schenker and is co-funded by ESA as a demonstration project in the frame of the ARTES IAP programme.

GAF übernimmt Schlüsselrolle bei der praxisnahen Weiterentwicklung von zwei zentralen Copernicus Kerndiensten

Auf der Grundlage der langjährigen und breiten Projekterfahrung bei der Entwicklung und Etablierung des Copernicus Land Monitoring Services konnte ein Konsortium unter Federführung der GAF ein unter dem europäischen Forschungsprogramm Horizon 2020 gefördertes Projekt zur Weiterentwicklung der Copernicus-Landdienste gewinnen. Das Projekt “Evolution of Copernicus Land Services based on Sentinel data” (ECoLaSS) wird bis Ende 2019 neue operationelle Dienste und Methoden auf Basis von Sentineldaten konzipieren und innovative Dienste für die Nutzung in Europa wie auch weltweit entwickeln. Projektpartner sind dabei SIRS, Frankreich; Joanneum Research, Österreich; Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgien und das Deutsche Fernerkundungsdatenzentrum (DFD).

Aktive Notfallkartierung des Copernicus-Katastrophenmanagement-Service

Seit dem schweren Erdbeben Ende August dieses Jahres in Italien wurde der „Rapid Mapping“-Dienst des Copernicus-Katastrophenmanagement-Service aufgrund zahlreicher Naturkatastrophen innerhalb kürzester Zeit wiederholt aktiviert. Das 24/7-Team der GAF ist seither fortlaufend im Einsatz und unterstützt die Notfallkräfte vor Ort durch die schnelle Bereitstellung von Geoinformationsprodukten.

Die letzten starken Erdbeben in Italien, der tropische Wirbelsturm Meranti, der Taiwan am 14. September 2016 traf, und Hurrikan Matthew Anfang Oktober 2016, der große Teile von Haiti verwüstete und heftige Überschwemmung in den USA zur Folge hatte, sind Beispiele der kürzlich aufgetretenen Naturkatastrophen.