Asset Monitoring with top notch technologies. What is the Status of my Investment? Is the Project Development Plan on Schedule?

When big corporates or financing organisations like Banks have to monitor the progress of a major infrastructure development project somewhere on the globe, space technology allows now something really astonishing: On virtually every place on the globe and without any field activity 3D visualizations displaying detailed surface characteristics can be generated. Using a powerful analysis-, visualization and software package, any investor, owner, or manager is able to follow project progress in short intervals down to days. Due to recent developments in resolution, quality and collection capabilities of today’s optical satellite systems together with advances in computer vision, elevation models down to 30cm resolution can be created and even very small objects can be observed, measured and monitored. The full status picture can be further enriched with information coming from other accessible information sources like social media or "big data". For larger size assets e.g. in the agriculture and forestry industries the service can be based on the free earth observation data from the Sentinel constellation.

GAF is proud to deliver top notch services for any monitoring purpose - validated and tested in military and civil security environments. For further information please contact: infoatgaf [dot] de