The Copernicus Emergency Management Service

The Copernicus Emergency Management Service has produced a first damage assessment for Kathmandu (Nepal) with contribution of GAF AG

On Saturday, 25 April 2015, a strong earthquake hit large parts of Nepal and neighboring countries. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.8 with the epicenter northwest of Kathmandu destroying houses, historical buildings and villages. The Rapid Mapping Service of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service has been activated immediately, producing reference and damage assessment maps of hot spot areas.Few hours after the activation of the Rapid Mapping Service, first reference geo-information covering Kathmandu, Bidur, Bharatpur and Pokhara has been generated. Based on optical post-event satellite data acquired on 27 April 2015 damage assessment maps have been produced and provided to the European Commission. The following pre- and post-event satellite imagery shows the destroyed Dharahara monument in the western part and gathering points in the eastern part.The mapping teams of GAF AG (Germany), SIRS (France) and e-Geos (Italy) have been working on 24/7 basis for the Copernicus Emergency Management Service of the European Commission and were able to provide very detailed damage assessment maps of Kathmandu to the response teams already at Monday morning.Further details and maps are available at the Copernicus EMS website: as well as via the New York Times article at which provides a graphical overview of the damage classes mapped as part of this emergency activation.

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