The right solution for you

With more than 20 years of software development expertise and a dedicated team of more than 40 specialists, we have comprehensive experience in the development and implementation of geospatial information systems.  This includes single-seat systems as well as complex multi-tier systems with hundreds of concurrent users and thousands of licenses.

We guarantee smooth integration and effective and robust implementation. Our systems have proven their reliability over the years, for example serving 20,000 users and covering an area of more than 100,000 km² in land registration agencies, with a service record of more than 15 years.

Independent and competent

We are dedicated to the huge field of geo-information solutions. Our team gives us the capacity and experience to develop a varied portfolio of systems, ranging from desktop, web and mobile applications to geo-webservices and complex multi-tier solutions, including system integration. We support a variety of (geo-)databases and development platforms and are an experienced partner for both open source and proprietary GIS technology. Our technological independence, in combination with our application experience, is crucial in allowing us to understand your exact needs and develop the right tailor-made solutions.

Quality standards

Standards in geo-information have evolved rapidly in recent years and we understand their significance as a key building block in our software and system design processes. With our comprehensive knowledge of INSPIRE, OGC and ISO standards, we help customers set up spatial data infrastructures (SDI) and build appropriate solutions. Not only technical standards provide advantages, but processes also need to be effective and efficient, and have to incorporate all activities and team members in an optimum way. Our best practices are mapped in our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Innovation and passion form the key to success

We are united by our affection for spatial data and geo matters. The enthusiasm of our team is the main factor in stimulating innovation and continuously improving our processes and technologies. We have a professional and up-to-date software development environment that allows our experts to contribute their experience, ideas and enthusiasm to all our projects.