Geospatial information - essential intelligence

GAF always selects the solution best suited to your specific needs for geospatial information, satellite imagery and data and information products. We are application-oriented as well as being product- and technology-independent. GAF has long-standing and strong co-operation arrangements with all the major satellite operators and data providers around the world. All these aspects allow us to select the best solutions for our customers in an uncompromising and unbiased way.

Our image interpretation and mapping teams have the capacity to handle large, demanding and short-notice mapping tasks. To assure fast response and optimum quality we operate well established, highly automated and quality assured production lines for tasks like super-precise orthorectification, mosaicing, DEM generation, image maps and 3D visualisation.

We have more than 20 years of experience in the defence sector. We combine this experience with our comprehensive application know-how and service-orientation in order to translate user demands into top-quality and leading-edge solutions. We assure uncompromising quality and full customer satisfaction as quality assurance forms an integral part of our business.  And it goes without saying that confidentiality and the secure handling of classified information are core parts of our activities.

Rapid mapping and emergency management service

The frequency and impact of natural disasters, man-made emergencies and humanitarian crises have greatly increased in recent years. Forest fires, storms, flooding, landslides, earthquakes and tsunamis as well as industrial accidents and pollution can affect the security of every citizen. To provide relief, mitigate impact and properly plan prevention measures it is important to have accurate, up-to-date and reliable information regarding the areas threatened or afflicted by disaster. Satellite imagery is often the only source of information that allows quick and area-wide analysis, assessment and planning, as well as the performance of rescue and mitigation missions.

Since several years GAF is operating a rapid mapping service that supports the efficient management of emergency situations. The service is accessible around the clock on a 24/7/365 basis. It provides geospatial information and also maps the extent of disasters and damage, as well as the available infrastructure and access. The service supports all the stakeholders involved in emergency management by providing timely and accurate geospatial information derived from satellite remote sensing, which is complemented by any in-situ or open source data that is available.

© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)
© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)

Tailor-made geospatial software and systems

GAF has a software development group of 40 experts. We design, develop and implement dedicated software and tailor-made information systems – ranging from stand-alone, web based GIS to enterprise solutions. Our systems enable full and user-friendly access to and the processing, analysis and display of any geospatial information, and cover the entire globe. A customer commented: “whenever GAF has recommended a solution to us, we have always found it to be very fit-for purpose and a perfectly justified choice - in contrast to advice provided by many of their competitors”.

Near-real-time response

A team of specialised remote sensing experts and image interpreters is on stand-by in 24/7 mode to be ready for immediate response in the event of a crisis or disaster. The GAF team can rapidly be scaled up to 60 staff consisting of experienced image processing experts, image interpreters and cartographers to perform the rapid tasking and acquisition of satellite data and the processing and analysis of this information. Our team has access to all the major providers of satellite data and is supported by automated processing chains and high-throughput IT and processing infrastructure. We can thus guarantee near-real-time provision of imagery, maps and analysis results.

© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)
© Pixabay (Creative Commons CC0)

Product and Service Portfolio - Defence Sector

National departments of defence, supranational bodies (e.g. EU Satellite Centre)

Product families:
  • 2-3D data/data products for base mapping & intelligence
  • Thematic mapping  - pursuant to customer requirements (specific areas of interest, scale, themes) and in strict compliance with mapping standards
  • Software and systems for geospatial data archiving/production/distribution/visualisation

Product and Service Portfolio - Emergency Response

Clients and beneficiaries:
European Commission, German Centre for Crisis Information, industrial clients, International Charter on Space and Major Disasters, civil protection and humanitarian aid agencies, national ministries, river basin organisations.

  • 24/7/365 mission preparedness and response service
  • Rapid tasking and acquisition of satellite imagery (access to all major systems and sensors)
  • Emergency mapping - for vulnerability, risk, recovery, disaster extent, damage assessment, change detection