Elevation & 3D data – above and below sea-level

GAF provides its customers with the full portfolio of products and services, ranging from the distribution of digital elevation models (DEM) to the generation of digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM). We do quality assessment and offer a full suite of post-processing. We offer as well special solutions such as urban block models and 3D building models.

As the current market situation is very heterogeneous in terms of the available models (digital surface model vs. digital terrain model; land vs. bathymetric information), as well as the spatial resolution, coverage, accuracies and prices, a proficient and extensive consulting is often requested by the customer.

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Euro-Maps 3D – countrywide, precise and cost-efficient

Euro-Maps 3D is a 5 m spaced DSM at a very attractive price. It is semi-automatically derived from Indian IRS-P5 Cartosat-1 satellite data and provides a very detailed and accurate representation of the Earth’s surface.

This new and innovative product has been developed in close co-operation with the Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). A sophisticated and tailored algorithm based on semi-global matching is applied and the reliability of the information is increased by using multiple overlapping stereo pairs.  The product is accompanied by an ortho-corrected image and includes detailed auxiliary information such as pixel-based quality and traceability layers.

Our image archive is well stocked - thus we can produce the DSM product for large (transnational) areas within a short time frame and for very attractive prices.

Tri-Stereo DSM – high-end 3D for specific spots worldwide

The Tri-Stereo DSM is the high-end product within GAF’s suite of elevation models. It is generated from very high resolution (VHR) satellite images with triple stereo coverage. It combines a (sensor independent) product resolution at least 50 cm and better with excellent vertical and horizontal accuracies regardless of the area covered. The triple-stereo input data eliminates occlusions and result in a more complete surface representation. Moreover, the accuracy and reliability of measurements is greatly improved by redundant measurements for each height value.
This unrivalled and precise elevation product is especially useful in densely built-up areas starting from sizes of 100 sqkm.

The very detailed surface representation is achieved using a sophisticated algorithm based upon semi-global matching. The unique processing method has been developed in close co-operation with the Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR). 

Bathymetry from space

In contrast to traditional bathymetric measurements from shipboard echo sounding, GAF uses optical very high resolution stereo satellite images for the areawide generation of bathymetric maps.

Recent developments in the Earth observation specifically the wide range of existing and upcoming VHR satellites with stereo capabilities, offer the possibility to map bathymetric information accurately from space - this even without using any ground control data. The derived product provides a bathymetric map that contains detailed information about water depth at a fine spatial resolution.

Elevation data & high performance processing

In order to serve our customers’ needs and to optimise in-house processing workflows, we have developed various software and tools for DSM merging, quality control and database management.

Our strong software development teams can create complete and customised processing chains within short time. Examples are the GAFDEM and GAFmap software - where large data volumes and high processing demands are the key drivers for implementing high-performance software solutions.

From 3D models to 3D visualisation

GAF generates 3D building models with different levels of detail (LoDs) using the most recent stereo hardware and software. A standard GAF 3D product is the Urban Block Model (UBM). These UBMs provide a classification of height information based on building types, density and function. They give an overview of the expanse of urban areas and are a cost-efficient alternative to citywide and rather expensive building models.

To visualise DEMs, 3D buildings and block models, GAF uses the high-performance 3D rendering tool within the GAFmap software. The on-the-fly generation of stunning 3D visualisations and videos is one of the key features of this software.

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