GAF AG featured in the ANTRIX INSIGHT January 2017 issue

The 20th anniversary of GAF’s engagement with Antrix was celebrated in 2016. This activity was meant to develop the European market for Indian Earth Observation data and it marked an important milestone for the company. Starting with Euromap, now as GAF branch Neustrelitz, and in co-operation with DLR-DFD, a remarkable success could be achieved by helping to bridge the data gap between the development and start of Copernicus services and the availability of operational Sentinel data.

Even now, IRS missions can play an important role as background and support data source for the manifold monitoring requirements in Europe and worldwide. It is the excellent co-operation during such a long time which is recognized by Antrix, the commercial arm of ISRO, in their latest publication “INSIGHT” and hailed as a real success in contributing to a better management of our sensitive environment on Earth.

Read more in the pdf attached below.

GAF AG InsightDownload PDF: PDF icon ANTRIX INSIGHT-Jan 2017.pdf