GAF AG maps Urban Areas globally in 3D

Over 75 cities and megacities worldwide are already mapped and many more will follow

Urban areas, especially in developing countries are the planning hot spots of the future. For the monitoring of urban development, to analyze urban structures and to accurately and efficiently plan urban infrastructure projects, the Tri-Stereo DSM data are very useful. Public authorities and industry clients are using these data and derived products already for their purposes.

The Tri-Stereo Digital Surface Model is the high-end standard product within GAF’s suite of elevation models. It is generated from very high resolution (VHR) satellite images with triple stereo coverage. It combines a (sensor independent) product resolution of at least 50cm with excellent vertical and horizontal accuracies regardless of the area covered.

The Digital Surface Model product is delivered together with an orthoimage and two quality and mask layers with the same horizontal resolution and geometry as the elevation model. Additionally building footprints, building models (Level of Details 0-2) and urban block models can be generated based on the Tri-Stereo data.

This product was developed and is generated in close co-operation with the Remote Sensing Technology Institute (IMF) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the data providers Airbus DS and DigitalGlobe. 

Another standard product for urban areas is the urban block model based on Euro-Maps 3D, which provides a cost-efficient 3D overview of cities with attributes like settlement height, building density and function. 

For further information, please contact GAF AG Costumer Support: dataatgaf [dot] de or see the corresponding product descriptions.

Cape Town, Tri-Stereo DSM generated from Pleiades triple stereo data © GAF AG 2015, contains Airbus DS material