GAF AG participated in the 23rd MARS Conference in Dublin, Ireland from 27.-29. November 2017.

The 23rd MARS conference provided a valuable platform to exchange and discuss recent developments and experiences regarding the application of remote sensing within the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS).

Special focus was placed on the future orientation of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Simultaneously, the European Commission released in Brussels and at the MARS conference the conceptual outline of the future of food and farming within CAP 2020. With simpler rules, a more flexible approach and comprehensive inclusion of Sentinel data, a paradigm shift in the regulations and in the control technology will take place.

GAF AG also presented the ECoLaSS project which aims at developing innovative methods, algorithms and prototypes using Sentinel time series to improve and develop next-generation operational Copernicus Land services from 2020 onwards. Recent developments of automated processing chains for land cover classification with particular focus on agricultural and grassland services were presented.