GAF AG supports Rapid Mapping activation by the Copernicus Emergency Management Service

The Copernicus Emergency Management Service (EMS) Rapid Mapping was activated by the Italian Civil Protection in order to support the rapid mapping activities in response to the earthquake that hit on 24 August 2016 in the Abruzzi region (Italy) between Gualdo (Marche Region) and Amatrice (Lazio Region).

The earthquake occurred at 03.36 (local time) with a magnitude of 6.2, and the epicentre was located near Accumoli (Lazio) in the Abruzzi region (Italy) and caused severe damages and hundreds of fatalities.

During the Copernicus EMS activation GAF AG together with other consortium partners have provided updated geo-information in raster and vector format, reflecting the pre- and post-disaster situation of the main affected municipalities and villages. The first post-disaster products have been generated within few hours after the reception of satellite image acquired in the morning on 24 August 2016, and delivered to the Italian Civil Protection Department. Additional monitoring maps have been produced based on aerial imagery acquired and provided on 25 August 2016, in order to perform a more detailed damage assessment on heavily affected areas and locations.

Within this activation, the specialised expert team supported the Copernicus Rapid Mapping Service continuously in 24/7 mode for several days. The actions and activities performed follow standard procedures covering satellite image processing, interactive image interpretation and analysis in order to assess and classify the damages on settlements and infrastructure by comparing post-disaster imagery to reference data sets.

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