GAF supplies Lufthansa Systems with VHR satellite imagery

GAF and Lufthansa Systems have intensified their cooperation with regard to the provision of current and very high resolution remote sensing data from various data collection systems.

Lufthansa Systems uses the satellite data for its Lido/AMDB (Airport Mapping Data Base) product. This aeronautical database contains geometrical data as well as detailed information about airports (runways, taxiways, airport buildings, etc.). The data is used in the cockpit of commercial aircraft to display the position of the aircraft at the airport during taxiing. The geo-referenced satellite images from GAF can also be used in the future to generate even more accurate airport data.

The key aspects of the cooperation are:

  • Availability assessment and quality review to identify the most suitable imagery sources from among all the highest resolution satellite systems available (multi-source)
  • Ortho-correction of the data using the reference information provided for each airport
  • Radiometric editing and processing of the elevation model to take into account local conditions and data quality
  • Quality assurance of the processed data pursuant to ISO 9001: 2008

Further information about Lufthansa Systems is available at:

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