At home everywhere: Global experience

Our expertise and experience comes from having performed more than 1,000 projects (many of which exceed a volume of one million euros) in 100 countries spread over 4 continents. In order to be more effective in the countries in which we work and in order to promote longer term sustainability, we cooperate with local players and experts wherever possible. In addition to the know-how transfer to our customers, we thereby also strengthen local technical capacities, thus giving the client improved certainty regarding potential future support. GAF is dedicated to fostering and expanding its international network of partners, including other companies from our industrial grouping. » References and Customers

Multidisciplinary approach

We work in a multidisciplinary way in a wide range of thematic domains. This cross-fertilisation approach in terms of expertise and technology often offers significant advantages. Our experts have both technical and market experience – and thereby provide the best sales managers, project managers and technical experts in one person. Their comprehensive experience means they do not promise things that they cannot subsequently fulfil, and they can integrate practical experience from other projects into new challenges. We ensure direct access to staff with all the relevant technical and institutional expertise. » Markets and activity areas

Institutional strengthening & Capacity Building

GAF’s management consulting services, which have been successfully serving clients for over 30 years, have earned the company a widely respected reputation. Our interdisciplinary and analytical approach enables us to identify and fulfil customers’ institutional requirements and implement these in combination with technical assistance activities.
Examples of our institutional strengthening expertise includes:

  • provision of support for the preparation and interpretation of regulatory frameworks
  • (re)designing of business processes
  • provision of institutional setup assistance, in terms of organisational planning and infrastructure procurement
  • analysis and description of user requirements
  • translation of user needs into solutions.

These aspects are combined with sector and market expertise, data and information, software, information systems, procurement and training in an efficient manner.
This forms the basis for implementing successful and effective solutions.

Supporting sustainable development

We are a leading company in the provision of consultancy and technical assistance services for achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction. Using thoroughly tested and proven methodologies, products and tools, GAF provides high-quality services with tangible results and outputs. Our priority is to ensure that clients understand, accept and adopt these results and outputs, by providing flexible, practical and robust solutions, thereby ensuring participative, lasting change. Our approach includes knowledge and skills transfer for developing local expertise and leads to the better allocation and management of the available resources. We provide three complementary pillars: consultancy, technology engineering and know-how transfer.

Experts make the difference

In addition to the company’s extensive group of in-house specialists, we also harness the services of various external experts of various nationalities and with different technical backgrounds (geologists, mining engineers, foresters, agricultural engineers, environmentalists, surveyors, IT and system experts, training specialists etc.). Many of them are from countries/regions where we implement projects, and they are thus important in terms of their specialist knowledge and also their experience of the specific environments in which we work and operate. The company maintains a comprehensive roster of preferred, experienced freelance experts.

Accredited and audited

We are registered/accredited with all the major donors and relevant agencies. We successfully work with customers that include international institutions, international development banks, national and governmental authorities and organisations and also public sector companies and entities. Our services are regularly audited by a number of reputed clients such as agricultural ministries, international air carriers and public security customers. This provides our customers with proof of the consistently high quality of our service provision, as a supplement to the key indicators provided by our internal quality system. GAF was one of the first geo-service companies in the world to implement a full-fledged QMS, which it did in 1995. » References and Customers