GAF as a trail-blazer for Earth observation and geoinformation in Technical Assistance and Consulting

GAF performs consulting and technical assistance projects funded by International Donor Organisations. Since its incorporation, the company has been taking Earth Observation- and geoinformation- based solutions beyond Europe and to the developing world - with a particular focus on projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America funded by e.g. the World Bank, European Union, IDB and ADB.

Supply and demand driven

Developing nations have specific demands, which often include base mapping and monitoring of resources in vast and remote areas, and an important aspect is also the provision of capacity building and know-how transfer.In response, GAF has combined Earth observation and geoinformation into comprehensive solution packages consisting of in-depth application know-how, business process redesign, information technology, training and institutional strengthening.

Selected key examples

Today, the GAF track record comprises projects in more than 100 countries spread over 4 continents, and roughly one quarter of GAF's revenues are generated in the so-called Technical Assistance and Consulting sector. Selected examples are presented below.

Ongoing activities (2017/18):

Training and Capacity building in the Ministry of Mines, Afghanistan

  • Africa - GMES and Africa Technical Assistance (EC)
  • Africa/Asia - Urban Development (ESA)
  • Burkina Faso - mining cadastre and capacity building (WB)
  • Congo Brazza  - Forestry information system (WB)
  • Congo Kinshasa  - Topographic Mapping  (WB)
  • Gabon - Technical Assistance in the domains of geology and mining (EDF)
  • Mongolia - mining cadastre (WB, BGR)
  • Morocco  - geological mapping  (national funding)
  • Nigeria - agricultural remote sensing (commercial)
  • Niger - Mining Cadastre (WB)
  • Peru - Agricultural Information System (GIZ)
  • SADC countries - REDD - (GIZ)
  • Sudan - Darfur - regional inventory (DLC)
  • Tajikistan - mining cadastre (WB)
  • Zimbabwe - REDD (ESA)

Concluded activities (selection):

GAF mapping geologist in the field supported by the GAFmap GIS tool

  • Mineral sector governance in Laos (WB)
  • Mining cadastre - Cameroon  (WB)
  • Mineral sector governance and mining contract compliance - Afghanistan (WB)
  • Geological and mining information system - Sierra Leone (WB)
  • Urban planning - Uzbekistan (ESA, ADB)
  • Forestry and climate change - Argentina, Chile (ESA, IDB)
  • Forestry and land use mapping in Myanmar (UN, FAO)
  • Water and land resources mapping in Tanzania (KfW)
  • Environmental and agriculture monitoring in Central Asia (EU-TACIS)
  • Geological mapping of Southern Madagascar and Uganda (WB, NDF)
  • REDD preparation and implementation projects in e.g. Cameroon, Rep. Congo, SADC countries, Bolivia (ESA, KfW, GIZ, IRD)
  • Water resources management - Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Mali, Niger, Nigeria (ESA, AfDB)
  • Mining Governance - Madagascar, Namibia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, DRC (EDF, WB)
  • Geological and mineral information systems – Madagascar and Papua New Guinea (WB, EDF)
  • Transportation and infrastructure management – Bolivia, Chile, Peru (IDB)