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Risk and resilience are common themes for public authorities, insurance companies and commercial enterprises alike – with a focus on the ability to assess, plan, mitigate impacts and share costs relating to expected and unexpected events. Faced with a worldwide increase in natural disasters and the intensification of their impact on people, the economy and property, and thus on insured property and items, the insurance industry must continuously respond to new challenges. During an event, the insurance industry needs to rapidly assess damage and costs. Beforehand, information is required on risk exposure and what is at stake in given areas. We apply our expertise to the rapid production of geo- and other ancillary information - information that improves and accelerates impact evaluation after an event.

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This is also key for assessing risk and vulnerability, measuring exposure and forecasting the financial consequences of various hazards. Society, companies and also individual citizens rely on the integrity of assets, such as urban and transport infrastructure (roads, railways, pipelines and airports), industrial facilities and plants, reservoirs, damns and oil platforms, to name just a few. We deliver top quality information, services and solutions for public works, industrial infrastructure, and the insurers, owners and operators of utility assets everywhere on our planet. Since 2012 we operate our rapid mapping service, which is accessible around the clock and ready for immediate response.

Product and Service Portfolio - Insurance

We offer support for pre-disaster management and post disaster assessment for primary insurers and reinsurers. This includes risk mapping, monitoring and assessment, asset exposure and vulnerability, loss and damage assessment, and claims management for

  • Environmental risks / disasters (floods, storms, hurricanes, subsidence, landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, coastal erosion, sea-surges, beetle infestations, forest fires…)
  • Industrial accidents and disasters  
  • Climate variability (extreme weather events)  and climate risk

Product and Service Portfolio - Asset Management

We offer a complete portfolio of mapping and monitoring solutions for public works, industrial infrastructure and the insurers, owners and operators of utility assets

  • Risk, exposure and damage maps
  • Land deformation monitoring
  • Slope, building and infrastructure stability monitoring
  • 3D visualisation
  • GIS analysis and GIS-compatible databases