We provide public and industrial clients with service solutions that have progressed dramatically in terms of refinement and capability during the past decade, due to rapid advances in information technology. Our state-of-the-art use of geo-data and our sound understanding of the requirements of mining administrations and the mineral and oil/gas industries form the basis of our activities.

GAF provides geological mapping and GIS solutions, mineral lease and tenement cadastres, environmental mapping and monitoring services, basin and tender block studies, mineral and O&G potential analysis, and mine information systems.

All of these offerings are tightly embedded within a capacity building consulting envelope that cares for customers beyond the project life time. The close co-operation with governments or administrations is a crucial element and consequently institutional elements involve the definition and establishment of the legal and organisational basis. Such efforts could be the provision of mining code advice, as well as the setting up of regulatory frameworks, the establishment or re-organisation of mining and O&G cadastres and the creation of a mining inspectorate that includes HSE and ASM functions.

As neither GAF nor its wider corporate group are direct stakeholders in the mining and O&G sectors, we are completely independent and can thus offe solutions and advice to the best of the Client`s benefit.


  • Legal and regulatory consulting
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Geological mapping /exploration (e.g. geological maps, mineral potential maps, geophysical maps)
  • Mining and geological information systems
  • Mine-compliance monitoring  and mines inspectorate activities
  • Establishment of mining cadastres and mine inspectorates
  • Topographic mapping, digital elevation models and bathymetry
  • Environmental and infrastructure mapping and monitoring
  • Geo-data and information, including land use/cover, change detection, land deformation  
  • GIS software, field mapping software & exploration tools, 3D analysis and visualisation
  • Promotion and promotional material
  • Know-how transfer, training and conducting of study tours


Public sector:
  • Ministries of mines, departments of mining cadastre, departments of mines inspections
  • Ministries of oil & gas
  • Geological survey agencies
Private sector:
  • Mining industry
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Infrastructure development