Mohammed El-Kadi - A great entrepreneur and a long-time friend of GAF

We at GAF learned with great sadness about Mohammed’s unexpected death in Dubai last week.

He will stay in our memories as a remarkable and energetic person with a great sense of humour and profound foresight for innovative business decisions, which GAF had the opportunity to share and participate in.

It was his vision to introduce very high-resolution IKONOS data into the European remote sensing market, and, in due course, to combine the expertise of the technology partners GAF and the German Aerospace Center (DLR). This resulted in the foundation of European Space Imaging (EUSI) and bold investments in a purely commercial satellite data receiving station, located in Oberpfaffenhofen. It also marked the beginning of a long-standing and fruitful cooperation between GAF and EUSI that continues today, as evidenced by us occupying neighbouring offices. It is this legacy that we at GAF, who knew him well, will try to continue.

He was always a straightforward, fair and reliable businessman and partner for GAF. This partnership grew into a friendship. As friends, we spent many hours together, enjoying his humour and his special fondness for Italian-Bavarian gastronomy.

We will not forget him.

Rupert Haydn (Founder of GAF), Peter Volk (Former CEO GAF), Sebastian Carl (CEO GAF)

El-Kadi & Haydn