A GAF Information System to support Mineral Governance

MonFrEx is an enabler for resource-rich developing countries in the governance of their oil, gas and mineral resources so they are used sustainably and transparently. To achieve this objective, the MonFrEx is the solution for mapping and monitoring of virtually any mining activity.

With over 30 years of experience in the implementation of mining governance projects combined with competencies in geoinformation systems and remote sensing solutions, GAF is proud to present its solution to map and monitor mining activities of industrial scale down to small-scale and artisanal operations. Our approach can particularly cope with large and remote areas. 

  • MonFrEx enables the proper surveillance and control of virtually any mining activity.
  • MonFrEx is a framework which is rapidly and efficiency customised to the specific requirements of your country with its specific institutional, legal and natural setting.
  • MonFrEx is meant for rapid decision making, especially for mining administrations, mining inspectorates and ASM support entities.

Uniform Data Repository

The software solution is designed and programmed to read, process, manage, store, visualise, and publish data and reports of various types from heterogeneous EO and ancillary sources. MonFrEx is capable to ingest all important EO data, it performs geometric and radiometric calibration.  It includes the analysis of multi-temporal information as well as of big data. 

A dedicated raster repository supports access, interpretation, and exploitation of nationwide and recent data coverages. Access to the major free and open data sources such as Landsat or Sentinels, as well as most other commercial very high resolution systems (e.g. Planet, Digitalglobe and Airbus Defense System data) is of fundamental importance for the generation of a mapping base layer and monitoring updates.

Scalable and Open System

MonFrEx is a GAFMap based software solution and is designed as enterprise natural resources management solution, which is scalable and open with configurable workflows for specific analysis and documentation purposes. It is an integrated system with built-in GIS functionality based on open-source libraries and is free of any third party vendor lock-in or underlying licensing cost.


The System is designed to connect to other web services, information systems and databases such as mining cadastres, health and safety records, operational reports and environmental monitoring and study data sets. The system architecture assures compliancy with international standards including OGC and ISO. It integrates fully with GAF eMC+ and GAF GeMinIS. The modular architecture and design gives the capability to for adaption and extensions.

Training, Maintenance and Support

Training for MonFrEx is provided: all aspects of training ranging from technical topics to mining governance can by addressed by our experienced experts. The system is maintained and further developped, updates and upgrades are provided. MonFrEx is and will remain a state-of-the art solution.