Multi-Stereo VHR DSM: fast generation of 3D information based on multi-stereo VHR satellite data

After a successful multi-stereo new acquisition over Lisbon by European Space Imaging, GAF generated within a very short time a fully textured digital surface model with exceptional 30 cm resolution.

As a prompt delivery of elevation models based on highly current VHR satellite images is crucial for high-profile customers and their specific applications - Multi-Stereo VHR DSM meets the challenge: This high-quality product provides standardized, accurate and reliable 3D information that can be made available for any place in the world within a very short time.

Currently already more than 200 cities worldwide are available as either 30 cm or 50 cm digital surface models.

The Multi-Stereo VHR DSM is a very powerful plug-in for the entire portfolio of Geo Information solutions of Telespazio group through e-GEOS and our entities abroad. All our platforms and in particular Braint – image intelligence on land, AWARE – land and infrastructure monitoring, mapcy – emergency management for private sector and UrbanGEO – service for smart and resilient urban environment integrates VHR DSM powerful features for a truly enhanced and augmented information flow to the users.

30 cm Multi-Stereo DSM Lisbon: © GAF AG. Data Source © European Space Imaging 2020