Multisource approach

Today, we are proud to be an official reseller for all the major civilian Earth observation (EO) satellite data providers and we are also proud to be recognised as a main hub for remote sensing imagery, whether it comes from satellites, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or other innovative platforms. A major advantage of satellite imagery from optical and radar systems is that it can be made available for any region of the world - from local to continental scales.

This comprehensive data access is the strong foundation from which we can act as a reliable, experienced and technologically independent source and provide you with geo-information. Spatial analysis tools can make use of data from the currently available EO systems, and GAF can help you integrate such data with in-situ-data and a range of other available records and measurements, in order to create real added value for your applications.

GAF Customer Service

No idea which data and system fits your specific application?
Are there just a few details missing from your order?

Whatever your needs, our Multisource Customer Service at GAF ( will be more than happy to help you with any questions, enquiries and orders relating to all our partners satellite systems - regardless of your degree of knowledge about the systems and options that are available.

We offer you:
  • technology independent consulting to recommend the most appropriate data for your specific purpose
  • efficient und quick scan of all relevant data archives
  • coverage maps and price information
  • Monitoring of relevant data archives for your area of interest
  • programming requests for new acquisitions
  • ordering and delivery of digital data
  • best in class image processing services to turn raw data into valuable information - fit for purpose

We also provide you with assistance and advice regarding ancillary data or upcoming missions, or facilitate access to non-commercial sources such as the Copernicus Sentinel fleet of satellites.

Our partner network

Please feel free to click on the logos of our partners to learn more about their systems and products, as presented on their websites.


Unique assets

Our aim is to provide you with the best-possible assistance and consultancy regarding the selecting, ordering and using of Earth observation data. More than 30 years of experience in EO data distribution, processing, analysis and application is an unique asset.

Benefit from our:
  • contractually secured access to all relevant EO data from a multitude of providers
  • highly qualified staff constantly keeping up with the latest developments in technology and applications
  • extensive experience with system options, applications, licensing and access conditions
  • specialised tools for fast and reliable archive searches, planning of new acquisitions, and making of orders and deliveries
  • best in class image processing services to turn raw data into valuable information - fit for purpose
  • testing and benchmarking to validate data from new systems and providers