GAF's interdisciplinary team comprises highly qualified individuals experienced in project work wherever it is needed. There are currently 190 workforce employed at the GAF headquarters and these have extensive experience in project management, data and software production, consultancy and technologies focusing on geographic information systems (GIS), database technology, system integration, earth observation, geo-information and integrated navigation/communications solutions. They have professional backgrounds in software engineering, economics, geography, geology, geophysics, agriculture, forestry, cartography, informatics, surveying, land management and others. More than 90% of our staff members hold a M.Sc. degree, a Ph.D. qualification or equivalent.

At our Munich and Neustrelitz geo-information production facilities, we work successfully with a scalable workforce of up to 100 geo-data production staff and are able to rapidly comply with high production demands.

GAF is equipped with powerful, cutting edge information technology and a high-performance computer network. Standard professional software products are routinely used, but it is also part of our philosophy to always embrace open source developments and other technologies when these provide the best solution.


As a leading earth-science applications company, GAF has always been accepting its share of environmental and social responsibilities. We are proud to have a variety of measures in place in our day-to-day operations, which proactively help to protect the environment. Our values and goals unite us - management and employees - as a company. We commit to minimising the environmental impact of our everyday work, e.g. by saving energy, keeping our CO2 emissions low, and continuously improving our environmental performance.

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