Rush options

Rush tasking and archive delivery options from the various providers might be sufficient for many cases and can speed up data delivery significantly. For archive data, a 24h delivery on the following working day is an option for many important providers. If your area of interest is not yet covered by an appropriate sensor or if you need fresh or post-event data, rush tasking services are in place for many systems with various technical realizations and opportunities. You may even task for a single shot of a specific satellite pass and receive the data immediately afterwards.

Urgent cases - 12/5 and 24/7 service availability

If your demand is just a bit more urgent, it might be sufficient to go for an extended 12/5 availability and benefit for example from early morning tasking or late evening delivery. For very urgent cases and the need of immediate response, which is a typical scenario for emergency events, it might be a must to assure full 24/7 availability of all data services. Due to our successful work for the European Commission’s “Copernicus Emergency Management Service – Rapid Mapping” we are used to this 24/7 standby and activations since many years.