A passion for excellence

Field observations and in-situ data turn remotely sensed data into precise and valuable spatial information. They serve to calibrate, verify and validate mapping and monitoring results.

We collect, process and analyse in-situ information

We integrate this into our leading-edge processing chains in order to ensure accuracy and reliability. We provide complete logistical, data management, mapping and reporting services. We bring our long-standing experience and our passion for excellence to the job.

Proper planning and performance

Every in-situ data collection and processing campaign has to be diligently planned and optimised. They often involve covering large and remote areas, and this requires logistics and infrastructure. The key is to minimise efforts and costs and still ensure optimum data confidence.

We offer our long-standing experience and the sound application of spatial statistics in this context. The samples and data that are collected are extremely valuable, so they need to be secured and quickly processed to deliver quality-results in due time. With our know-how in spatial statistics, neural networks and classification algorithms, we efficiently use field-based observations together with remote sensing data. For achieving optimum accuracy and precision, we carefully supervise the processes and apply strict quality control. Our experienced experts and local partners enable smooth implementation even in large field campaigns with teams of up to 100 staff. We make use of the latest mobile IT solutions for capturing data, performing initial processing and quality checks in the field, and for storage and data communication (GAFmap).

Field GIS and data capture tool

Our field staff are the eyes on the ground: they use mobile GIS solutions and leading-edge positioning and communication technologies to capture what is on the ground and feed it into a GIS in real-time. We smoothly and easily capture, process and integrate ground truth data from the field, using efficient value-adding chains, in order to create valuable information.

Wealth of experience

GAF has long-standing experience around the globe – just a few recent examples include:

  • precision location measurements for topographic maps, object checks
  • land use and land cover observations (pursuant to standards such as those from FAO, CORINE and EAGLE)
  • timber volume and carbon content information within multiphase forest & biomass inventories
  • geological and geochemistry samples for petrography, P/T, age and elements analysis
  • hydrological and hydrogeological data, water points and well inventories
  • biodiversity, fauna and flora observations and samples
  • soil and nutrient sampling for improved agricultural management