GAF provides integrated solutions and services for Earth observation (EO) data acquisition, processing, archiving and dissemination. We also specialise in the provision of on-site engineering, and operations support and professional consulting services for the management and procurement of space and space-related projects. And our innovative downstream applications help to contribute to the successful exploitation of space assets.

We cooperate with key Earth observation stakeholders such as national and multinational space agencies, as well as commercial satellite operators and data providers.

Thus we have access to the full range from low- to very high resolution satellite imagery. For us, a trusting and long-lasting partnership with our customers and suppliers is the key to sustainable success in this dynamic and disruptive market.

Our user- and customer-centric business philosophy, our comprehensive thematic experience coupled with a deep understanding of the wide array of available technological EO resources are today even more than ever the key success factors for our services, both in the upstream and downstream arena.

Two of the X-band antennas in Neustrelitz

Upstream services:

  • planning of EO data acquisitions
  • acquisition, cataloguing, processing and archiving of satellite data
  • development and operation of customer-specific interfaces and procedures development and processing of data products fulfilling client-specific requirements (e.g. top of atmosphere reflectance)
  • development and operation of bulk processing lines for EO data products
  • establishment of quality control systems
  • EO sensor and system studies
Neustrelitz - Credit:Images: DLR, CC-BY 3.0

Downstream services:

  • provision of studies on user and product aspects for EO systems
  • execution of pilot EO application studies and projects
  • design of sector-specific market development programmes
  • data usage studies, EO and Geo-Info market studies