Space technologies enable emission reduction and cost savings

„European-wide Mobility, Safety and Efficiency Management for Logistics Enterprises” aims at increasing the energy efficiency of logistics and transport service providers. The project has been successfully completed by GAF AG together with the partners T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom AG and DB Schenker. It is co-funded by ESA as a demonstration project in the frame of the ARTES IAP programme.

The project team customized and further developed the “Low Carbon Mobility Management” (LCMM) solution for European road conditions in order to enable on-trip monitoring of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by making use of satellite navigation and near real-time data analysis of speed profiles. For the truck driver, a mobile app gives immediate feedback of the current driving behaviour, allowing him to achieve and maintain an eco-friendly driving style. The logistics service provider has direct access to monitoring services in terms of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, but also for tracking and tracing capabilities that enable monitoring the position of every truck in the fleet at any time. As additional benefit, a more efficient driving style also reduces the required maintenance effort for the fleet.

To enhance the accuracy of the results, GAF has provided a high-quality digital elevation model (DEM) based on satellite earth observation images in order to obtain an even more accurate calculation of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. During the demonstration phase, DB Schenker conducted test trips on a distance in total of about 166,000 km. A considerable fuel and CO2 reduction of up to 11% has been observed. The integration of elevation information from satellite data improved the results again significantly.

After three years, the project has been successfully concluded. The solution is available in the portfolio of T-Systems and can be further tailored to the needs of the customers.

More information about the project can be found at the ESA IAP Project Web Page:

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