Symposium Environment and Health - 
Air Quality in Metropolitan Areas - 23th July 2015

GAF together with Regio Augsburg Wirtschaft GmbH and the cluster bavAIRia invite interested stakeholders to join the conference, which is taking place in the “Landesamt für Umwelt” in Augsburg.

The symposium aims at connecting policy makers, scientists and other stakeholders to stimulate an interdisciplinary dialogue on air quality in urban areas.

Air pollutants are main risk factors for human health. A study published by the World Health Organisation indicates that about 7 million deaths are caused annually by poor air quality. This puts into evidence that air pollution is one of the most relevant environmental risk factors today.

The Symposium Environment and Health is a platform for experts and stakeholders from different domains to support interdisciplinary exchange. Scientists, representatives from industry and public administration as well as interested citizens are invited to inform themselves and to discuss new scientific findings and recent technical developments. An expert panel discussion will take place followed by presentation of air quality measurements in different German cities. Among the contributing experts are Prof. Dr. Annette Peters, head of Institute of Epidemiology at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Dr. Richard Fackler, vice president of the Bavarian State Office for Environment and Prof. Dr. Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann, director of the Institute for Environmental Medicine at TU Munich and chief physician of the Environmental Medicine department at clinical center Augsburg.

The Symposium has been initiated by several European partners with support of the EU funded project obsAIRveYourBusiness within the EMMIA initiative (European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance).
For the Augsburg region, GAF is developing mobile apps to provide easy and comprehensible information to citizens about the current air quality situation at their place of residence. The obsAIRveYourBusiness service uses satellite data and in situ data to model area-wide information on ozone, NO2 and PM10. The app provides current pollutant values and forecasts together with a general index value to Augsburg residents for increasing the awareness for air quality and for supporting citizens in taking care of their health.

For further information, refer to the attached flyer (German).

If you are interested to participate, you can register yourself online.

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Air Quality in Metropolitan Areas - 23th July 2015