Going beyond existing limits and boundaries

Telecommunications technology has experienced enormous changes and a fantastic development in service quality in a short space of time. Going way beyond pure telephony, mobile Internet has penetrated deep into our daily and professional lives, and there is no end in sight to the development and innovations. This extremely dynamic and performance-growing environment requires a corresponding expansion and upgrading of the mobile networks of private and public providers. DEM information and land cover / land use (clutter) data form a fundamental data layer for the solid planning of upgraded transponder networks for wireless services.

Spatial planning information can be derived in a cost-effective and efficient manner using Earth observation and aerial data. GAF provides a wide range of geographic information data from its archives as well as from newly acquired imagery.

Quality services from an experienced provider

One of the key areas of GAF services for the telecommunications sector is the provision of thematic mapping products, entirely or partially using remote sensing and/or other types of geospatial data. The highest precision can be obtained using visual interpretation in combination with ancillary data layers (maps) and automated or semi-automated feature extraction workflows.

A particular strength of GAF is its three decades of experience, which it has been gaining since the very early days of mobile network planning. Our mapping experts have vast project experience - including a profound understanding of our customers' various technical specifications.

GAF’s service quality is outstanding in terms of precision and quality, and places considerable emphasis on spatial consistency and adherence to industry standards.

Outstanding cost/benefit ratio

An authentic telecoms industry customer statement praises the data: "it is obvious that you get a Volkswagen model for less money than a Mercedes, but with GAF you get Mercedes quality at affordable conditions and this is a huge competitive advantage". With well-proven organisational procedures and the streamlined management of complex workflows, we guarantee outstanding product results, tailored to specific needs and delivered on time.
Our spatial and Earth observation "one-stop-shop" guarantees unbiased selection of the technically most appropriate and most economic base data for the generation of DEM and clutter data.

Remote sensing source data and licensing models

We offer our clients various licensing models in order to allow the tailored-to-needs use of our products. We can also assist in negotiating a shared license together with other customers in order to help comply with tight budgets. We have a comprehensive understanding of the licensing conditions and models of the various EO data providers and can thus ensure final products that can be used as required for the intended purpose.


  • Procurement of Earth observation and other spatial data
  • Pilot clutter mapping projects
  • Procurement and generation of DEM models                                          
  • Procurement and generation of land cover / land use data bases
  • Customisation of highly automated processing chains
  • Design and development of nomenclature guidelines
  • Object-oriented or pixel-based classification
  • Satellite data analysis (visual interpretation, automatic and/or semi-automatic feature extraction)
  • Change detection
  • Quality control and accuracy assessment
  • Training and know-how transfer


Private sector:

  • Telecommunications industry
  • Consulting industry

Public sector:

  • Authorities with security tasks
  • Public bodies that ensure network regulation