For a number of upcoming/open tenders we are currently looking for internationally experienced experts, specifically with proven technical assistance records in developing countries. 

Candidates with a multilanguage background (E,F,S,P), solid project experience and organisational skills (> 10 years) in spatial agricultural management systems, IACS, environmental monitoring, water management, transboundary issues, desertification and climate change encouraged to send their CV and accompanying information.


A minimum of 10 years international mapping work experience, excellent command of English and / or French. Please indicate country experience, mapping work done, petrography and exploration experience (if any), availability and tasks/positions held in previous assignments. Capacity building and training experience is an asset.

Preferred requirements:

Project-, Team management and reporting capabilities.

Contact persons:

Stefan Saradeth, Thomas Kukuk, Antje Küpper


The submitted personal data will be treated according to the data protection laws in Germany. Additionally your application will be treated company confidential. If you are interested being registered in our internal expert database for future job opportunities, please mention this within your application so that we can contact you when an opportunity arises.

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