GAFmap® - GIS technology in 2D and 3D

GAF’s guiding philosophy is to identify the software solution that best fits your specific needs. This can be based on commercial-off-the-shelf software, free and open source software, or GAF’s own software.

GAFmap®, our own all-in-one desktop GIS, is the right solution if you are looking for an easy-to-use, versatile and modular business solution – as standard or customised GIS software.

In order to address the specific needs of our clients, GAFmap® includes tailored modules that extend the standard application solution.

GAFmap® - mobile

GAFmap® perfectly combines office and fieldwork and provides the tools required to prepare, conduct and review field surveys.

Online or offline, on laptops or tablets, GAFmap® provides
GIS compatible navigation and tracking tools based on GPS information.

Its easy-to-operate user interface supports multi-touch gestures.
Observation data, images and GPS information can easily be added – wherever you are.

3D viewer extension

GAFmap® provides a 3D viewer extension for seamlessly visualising, exploring and analysing 3D data. Switching between 2D and 3D portrayals has never been easier.

Combine 3D models, vector data and digital elevation models to create your 3D world and use facade texturing to make it even more realistic. Present and share data by creating 3D PDFs or videos based on flight animations.

GAFmap® features a specifically tailored 3D engine to speed up performance while handling large datasets.

Geology extension

GAFmap® provides an entire workflow featuring expert tools that optimise the geological mapping process – thereby perfectly harmonising office activities and fieldwork.

Analyse your data using e.g. stereograms, rose plots and cross section profiles combined with GAFmap®’s 3D viewer and multi-window technology for multisensoral and multitemporal datasets.

Facilitate field mapping campaigns using a standardised digital field book and a semi-automatic procedure for synchronising data between team members.


Our licence model is based on three standard products:

  • GAFmap® Viewer: Visualise and analyse data in 2D and 3D.
  • GAFmap® Standard: Visualise, analyse, create, edit and present data. This product can be combined with all the extensions.
  • GAFmap® Professional: Fully customisable product based on all existing modules and extensions.

Training, maintenance and support services are available for all products.


With GAFmap® Professional, we offer a fully customisable product that addresses organisations with complex requirements. The modular architecture and design allows the capabilities to be adapted or extended to meet your specific requirements.

Use GAFmap® as a base platform and create tools, modules or workflows together with our geo-information experts and in-house software development team.

A software development kit and the source code can be made available.

Contact and information

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If you have any questions, please contact gafmap-infoatgaf [dot] de.

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