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3D Geoinformation for Defence and Intelligence


To procure, visualise and disseminate high quality and up-to-date 3D geoinformation about urban areas and critical infrastructure worldwide.

Solutions created by GAF

GAF provides worldwide 3D geoinformation as well as a high-performance 3D GIS software, based on its expert knowledge of the requirements of governmental and military customers:

  • GAF Elevation Suite: GAF produces very high and high-resolution imagery, digital elevation models and other 3D derivatives such as building (block) models with spatial resolutions of between 0.3 m and 10 m – based on a multitude of current Earth Observation (EO) satellite systems, using archive or recent satellite data.
  • GAFmap®: GAF’s Desktop GIS software supports realistic (multi-user) 3D and VR visualisation – including for large data quantities and offline scenarios. With the Pack&Go and GAFmap® Express extension, simulations can easily be shared with team members and partners.

Customer Benefits

  • Skilled provider of comprehensive satellite data services and products. The company’s independence allows it to have a neutral approach to selecting the best data and products for the customer requirements.
  • Rapid provision of elevation products on request or from stock possible for areas all over the world.
  • Optimised data availability through the use of different satellite systems.
  • Best possible spatial resolution, horizontal and vertical accuracy as well as object representation for satellite-based elevation products and 3D geoinformation.
  • Reliable, reproducible, high-quality 3D information especially suited for sophisticated object and spatial analysis, including change detection.
  • Customisation of standard products and post-processing.
  • Additional data delivery formats and GIS software optimised for 3D and VR visualisation.