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eMC+ – The powerful Mining Cadastre framework

Mining Cadastres made simple: reliable information, integrated workflow

GAFs eMC+ is a scalable software platform to support mineral tenure management. Getting reliable cadastre information is easy through eMC+s built-in GIS functionality based on open-source libraries. Our GAF experts and consultants can provide advice on types of mineral or natural resources, legislative issues, information on your country’s mining acts & regulations, environmental obligations, agreements for community development and other many aspects such as reporting specific to your location.

It’s perfectly simple to configure individual workflows, connect regional offices, collect, verify and exchange mineral tenure data to support you to implement a national mining cadastre. Alongside human support and capacity building, the eMC+ platform delivers a comprehensive mineral tenure management solution, which is scalable, open and entirely web-based for instating mining cadastres nation- and worldwide.

Case Study / Example
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