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Land & Natural Resources Management

Environmental geodata for informed decision making

The overpopulation, degradation, depletion and contamination of land, soils, natural and water resources, vegetation, ecosystems and biodiversity are omnipresent problems that are being exacerbated by climate change. Based on integrated geoinformation and abundant EO data, it is now possible to monitor processes and change in dense time series to identify when and where problems occur, and to understand why they happen and how they interact with natural and human-made conditions. This allows for the creation of a basis for sound environmental management and spatial planning using a combination of near-real-time Earth observation data, automatic/semi-automatic image analysis and supplementary information.

GAF geodata can be used to help monitor natural resources, as well as their condition, changes and resilience, and to protect them by identifying illegal activities or environmental hazards. With good working knowledge in numerous climate zones and ecosystems of the world, our experts can assist in reliable base data collection, analysis and monitoring, planning and governance for the protection of natural resources, thereby enabling sustainable land use, agroforestry and infrastructure development through cost-efficient, area-wide monitoring of land and natural resources.

  • Senegal Land Administration Modernisation Programme
  • Darfur Natural Resources and Land Use Database and Maps
  • Technology based adaptation to climate change in rural areas of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Earth Observation Laboratory (EOL)
  • Large scale EO utilisation activities supporting international development initiatives – Forest development in Malawi
  • Capacity building for land use planning for productive investment planning in Ghana savannah ecological zones for improved Climate Change Resilience 
  • Crop monitoring in India, South Korea, Thailand
  • ASM – artisanal and small-scale mining alert system for Venezuela
  • Copernicus Emergency Management Service – Worldwide Rapid Mapping
  • Provision of consulting services for an early warning system for deforestation and fires in Ecuador