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GAFmap® Extending your GIS experience

Moving forward with ‘ready-to-go’ GIS solutions 

GIS, we can. GAFmap® can do plenty of it – and at several product levels. GAFmap® is our very own all-in-one-desktop GIS multi-talent that can be used as a convenient viewer, a standard GIS with a flexible range of functions, a client for database solutions or a platform for customer-specific developments. Its flexible modular format gives you the capability to streamline or upgrade depending on your (project) needs or to request a customised add-on.

For fieldwork, our GAFmap® Desktop GIS supports GPS devices, gesture controls, and offline use for tablets and laptops, thereby providing you with access to all your geodata resources.

What’s more, you can extend your GIS user experience with our fully integrated GAFmap® extensions, which allow GEOing with incredible ease.

  • Extension 3D: seamlessly visualise and analyse data in 2D and 3D + high-performance realistic visualisation + immersion with VR + teamwork with multi-user mode for virtually all the reality you want.
  • Extension Pack&Go: a starting point for disseminating geo-products in 2D and 3D, which can then be viewed with the freely available GAFmap Express.

If you are looking for a solution built specifically for smartphones and tablets, GAFmap® Mobile App could be just what you need.