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Data Distribution & Brokerage

Multisource approach – Brokerage

GAF has more than 35 years of experience in the Earth observation industry and is recognised as a major hub for remote sensing imagery captured from satellites, aircraft, UAV or other innovative platforms.

GAF acts as an independent supplier of satellite and elevation data and has distribution contracts with all the major civilian EO satellite data providers. Our aim is to provide the best-possible assistance and consultancy regarding the selecting, ordering and using of Earth observation data. 

This comprehensive access to a wide range of data is the strong foundation from which we can act as a reliable, experienced and technologically independent source in order to provide you with geo-information.

Spatial analysis tools can utilise data from the currently available EO systems.

 GAF can help you integrate such data with in-situ-data and a range of other available records and measurements, in order to create real added value for your applications.

Customer Support

In order to best leverage all the providers’ acquisition capacities and archives, GAF has an experienced customer support team that can determine the optimal solution for specific customer needs, based on well-proven order handling workflows implemented in a tailor-made order management system. 

This has been developed for and successfully used for a multitude of clients, and proves its suitability in several thousand transactions per year.